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Cá Bạc Má Chiên Fried Silver Fish – 40 of 365

About a year ago in Kuala Lumpur I met my friend Travis who enjoys traveling off the beaten path as much as I do.  He understands this mentality and forwarded me an article from the 17 January 2012 online edition of BBC.   The closing quote sums up what I look for out of life, and especially for […]

Sò Lông Nướng Mỡ Hành Street Scallops – 39 of 365

Melissa, Ryan and I had given this place at 105 Nguyen Huu Canh a quick glance recently but decided to pass until a later day.  Curiosity has definitely been getting the better of me each time I wander past, but in the end I have just been afraid to take the plunge at this place just […]

The Zinger – 38 of 365

With yesterday’s cooking disaster behind me and my apartment nicely aired out, I decided to let someone else do the cooking.  However, the remaining days of Tet simplified the selection in my neighborhood to just about KFC or Dominos.   No pho. No frog legs.  Not even a bowl of chicken innards.   Most everything is closed.  What’s a […]

“Yan Can’t Cook” Part Two – 37 of 365

During a pre-Tet visit to my apartment building’s grocery store, I spied a frozen bag of fish and vegetables that looked like a decent meal.   For sure this must be the tasty Vietnamese twin to one of those heat and eat meals in an American frozen food aisle.  You know the ones.   Dump the different components in […]

Barbecue in a Garden – 36 of 365

What is a stereotypical meal in America?   A hamburger delivered through a car window and inhaled while driving?   A microwaved Lean Cuisine eaten at a coffee table while distracted by the TV?  Weekends maybe we pony up to the trough at a restaurant with menus whose glossy pictures don’t quite match the product delivered to the table.  […]

Chả Giò Not So Simple Spring Rolls – 35 of 365

Loan’s open storefront at the corner of District 1’s Hai Ba Trung and Ly Tu Trang Streets makes for some happy eating as I methodically work my way through the menu.  I dragged my buddy Eloy over there for a late lunch recently and as usual the enticing menu made selection difficult.  Our neighbor only a few feet […]

Cua Rang Muối Rock Salt Crab – 34 of 365

I know little about Tet other than this simple monosyllabic word has the power to set an entire country off into some sort of manic hyperdrive in the weeks leading up to the lunar new year.  Then for about a week this entire country slams on the brakes as the Vietnamese turn inward to their families.  Visualize a […]

“Yan Can’t Cook” – 33 of 365

You know that “Yan Can Cook” dude on TV who tells us we can prepare a banquet of elaborate Asian dishes in our very own kitchens?   Yeah, that’s the one and only.   Well right there on a stack of Vietnamese newspapers in the airplane galley I saw his face and wondered what in the heck is he doing on the […]

Yen Phu Update – 32.5 of 365

As you have read in 31 of 365, Ryan and Melissa’s pet rabbit, Yen Phu, was introduced to bánh chưng.   Being a Vietnamese rabbit after all, she eagerly devoured some of that glutinous mess.   Indeed, Yen was the only one of us four to enjoy multiple tastings of this boiled rice and pork.   I wondered openly if […]

Jalapeño Poppers (Yes, You Read Right) – 32 of 365

As American expats in Vietnam our feet stand in two worlds, one from which we are an ocean removed and one which we don’t fully understand.  In reality we find ourselves fully immersed in neither and our no man’s land can be a confusing assault of contrasts.  One could be a pessimist and yearn for […]