Archive | January 11, 2012

Xíu Mại Trứng Cút Mystery Meat – 11 of 365

The daily rotation of dishes plated up inside the glass case of Cafe 91 at 91 Nguyen Huu Canh in the Binh Thanh district elicits new inspiration every time I order my $1 takeaway meal.   Some meatloaf looking items in a metal pan of tomato colored broth caught my attention amongst the fatty pig skins, […]

Baby Steps into the Cuisine – 10 of 365

A coworker’s restaurant cooking up the local specialties is a short taxi ride away from the westernized world of my apartment tower.  What better place to really jumpstart a culinary journey deep into Vietnam than at a restaurant owned by an acquantance who can walk me through the cuisine.  This morning my friend Crystal and I set out to try something […]