Archive | January 12, 2012

Thịt Heo Nướng Grilled Pork – 13 of 365

The mostly lowrise sprawl behind my apartment tower is without question a world apart from all the modern trappings we enjoy inside our easy living bubble.   Some post workday  wanderlust drove me out of the compound, and an hour wandering aimlessly around these back alleys proved to be ultimately fruitful.  Smoke from a grill set […]

Fried Rice With Ocean Pieces – 12 of 365

The dish is actually crab fried rice but some of my Vietnamese friends have in the past referred to it as “fried rice with ocean pieces.”  I rather like their name better as it conjures up a little more local color.   Our cabin crew call ahead to Phu Quoc Island prior to our departure from Saigon and about 45 minutes later […]