Archive | January 14, 2012

Bắp Nướng Grilled Corn – 17 of 365

While the alley to the left of my apartment tower is Egg Lady’s domain from sun up to late afternoon, sunset brings Corn Girl and her mobile cart into the alley at our right.   Two of my friends and a neighbor had assured me her corn and sweet potatoes grilled up streetside are both good and safe.  Corn Girl […]

Bánh ít Lá Gai – 16 of 365

Sometimes the most mundane of journeys can unexpectedly veer off the trail into a world previously unknown to us.   All this time I have been flying back and forth between Saigon and seaside Quy Nhon on the same route following the same script and never knew a whole underworld of leaf wrapped snacks awaited below.  I have made the most random (well, […]

Chernobyl Cakes – 15 of 365

My Spanish friend Eloy has nicknamed the little snacks on our shorter flights “Chernobyl Cakes” due to their frightfully artificial green glow.   The catering slip in the galley tells us we have Pandan Coconut Cakes on board, and armed with this bit of information, I commenced some research into the intricacies of  Vietnamese snack cakes with my coworkers.  […]