Archive | January 15, 2012

Gà Xào Xả ớt Lemongrass Chili Chicken – 19 of 365

Anything and everything can be delivered right to my door high above Saigon, and I must admit the availability of cheap, tasty food is addictive.   Sometimes a long day of flying the crazy skies just drains me, and arriving home knowing it starts all over again the next day with a 4am alarm sucks out whatever is left.  A guy’s […]

Cà phê sữa đá Vietnamese Coffee – 18 of 365

Just because an order of Vietnamese coffee doesn’t have a creepy looking green goddess on the cup and cost over five bucks doesn’t mean it’s any less a beverage.  In fact, it’s so much more.   A 45 cent local variety called cà phê sữa đá seems to fuel an entire nation along with my friends whom I’ve watched enthusiastically drink it for over a year […]