Archive | January 17, 2012

Gỏi Cuốn Tasty Street Food Snacks – 23 of 365

The 68 story Bitexco Tower rises 861 feet above District 1.   So what does a gleaming new skyscraper complete with a Jetsons worthy heliport have to do with food?  Lots actually.  I was wandering around the base of the skyscraper and couldn’t help but notice what a clash of worlds the Bitexco is with the […]

Phở Gà Chicken Soup – 22 of 365

Gummichicken in all its gristly glory should have instilled in me a valuable food lesson…Do not order the chicken!!   Why couldn’t I remember this when I returned to Phở Bắc Hải Hà Nội where my friends Ryan and Melissa had introduced me to an honest bowl of great soup in our ‘hood?  This joint at 111 […]