Yen Phu Update – 32.5 of 365

Yen Phu - Pre Tet Trots Eating Banh Chung

As you have read in 31 of 365, Ryan and Melissa’s pet rabbit, Yen Phu, was introduced to bánh chưng.   Being a Vietnamese rabbit after all, she eagerly devoured some of that glutinous mess.   Indeed, Yen was the only one of us four to enjoy multiple tastings of this boiled rice and pork.   I wondered openly if bánh chưng would stop her up as I later wrote about our unveiling of this Tet treat.

Well, I regret to inform that this most Tet of all foods has fomented quite the opposite effect.    In my excitement to trot out bánh chưng for the world to sample, I have caused Yen to have quite the bout of the projectile trots all night and into the next day.   Sorry Yen Phu…At least we know for next time this is not rabbit food.   And people eat this, too?   Ôi Chúa ơi!!!  All Because of Tet.

Rinsing Away the Post Tet Aftermath

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