Yellow Eggs and Red Fish – 48 of 365

Eggs and Fish

Chicken and waffles.   Even green eggs and ham.  So many unrelated foods mix together to form a meal whose taste inspires more than its name ever can.  The daily selection at the local lunch stand, fit more for locals than this western man, left me wondering if I should just head next door for the more boring grilled clams.  Some most random Dr. Seuss swimming around in my head summed up my thoughts as the lady pointed to various foods with definite street cred.   “I would not like them here or there. I would not like them anywhere. I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-am.”   Yes, Sam. I feel your pain here in Vietnam, for I really don’t want to try anything that looks about as appetizing as your Green Eggs and Ham.

After great deliberation I settled on eggs along with some fish.   Yes, I do know…this combination is as far from a match as one could wish.  I unenthusiastically waited for my plate to arrive as I took my seat at this sidewalk dive.  Paris has real tables and some European flair whereas Saigon gives us foot high stools doubling as chairs.   I squatted amongst locals on this Barbie size plastic and thought sitting knees tucked up to my chin is so far from fantastic.  So now I must wonder when Vietnamese arrive at our Chili’s, do they think the skyscraper high bar stools are actually quite silly?  How in the world do people sit up so high and not fall down from their perch in the sky?

So my soup and food quickly arrived together, and adding nuoc cham actually made it taste a whole lot better.   I must say a fluffy yellow omelet with some reddish salt and pepper fish really does make for one heck of a Vietnamese dish.  I looked down at my empty plate as I finished this mix, and another large helping was my only wish.

With a great meal now in me and Dr. Seuss still on my mind, I thought again to that random food rhyme.  “I do so like green eggs and ham!  Thank you! Thank you, Sam-I-am.”  This goes to show there’s more to food than meets the eyes.   What at first looks so unappetizing can become a tasty surprise.  And thank you Com 37 on Ly Tu Trong for pushing my culinary adventures this much further along.

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