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Cơm Rang Fried Rice in Buon Me Thuot – 136 of 365

You may remember the recent chicken and rice meal from Buon Me Thuot in all its fat, gristle and slimy skin glory (#126).  We journey back to Buon Me for another sampling of its fine cuisine, and once again an interesting meal has been delivered planeside for my crew.   This fried rice and spring roll sample platter is part of a […]

Lunch Lady on Thursday – 135 of 365

A friend of mine has visitors in town who had heard about the Lunch Lady made famous by Anthony Bourdain.  With dining at a celebrity sidewalk café a strong motivator to jump into more off the beaten path parts of Saigon, the four of us set out on a culinary pilgrimage to sample the Lunch […]

Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang Phnom Penh Noodle Soup – 134 of 365

This is street food at its finest in an unexpected location.  Midrise offices and hotels line busy Vo Van Tan in District 3, and in between two nondescript buildings is an open green gate well beyond its prime.  This portal to a secret world at #46 reveals metal tables and stools lining a mildewed concrete […]

Bún Xào Noodles With Spring Rolls – 133 of 365

Outdoor dining in a narrow alleyway is wrought with dangers unthinkable inside our western cocoons.  While sitting down to breakfast in front of 113/4/14 Vo Duy Ninh in Binh Thanh District, which you may also remember as the bánh khọt joint earlier this week, the other diners began engaging in rapid fire banter while suddenly […]

Bánh Gối Vietnamese Ravioli – 132 of 365

Letting the city envelop me while exploring on foot has been as good a part of this food journey as sampling all the new foods along the path.   Plenty of work related trips to Hanoi have been giving me a chance to uncover another side of Vietnamese cuisine so different than Saigon.   Most of the time […]

Bánh Khọt Shrimp Pancakes – 131 of 365

The narrow alleyway next to my apartment tower is a portal to another world so different from my westernized highrise compound.   Walking a few steps beyond this sanitized confine transports me to another world so far removed from mine culturally that I can’t help but gawk and stare at times.  The best part of this […]

Con Dao Islands

Here is my first magazine article in both English and Vietnamese.  It appears in the April 2012 Travellive which is Vietnam’s main travel, culture, food and lifestyle publication.  There are six pages here so keep scrolling down to find each one.

Mì Xào Noodles and Grilled Meat – 130 of 365

Only one week back in Vietnam and any semblance of self control towards food has flown out the window.  Having copious amounts of highly edible and insanely cheap street foods has caused me to fall completely off the calorie counting wagon here.  This must be how people bound by the shackles of some fad diet feel […]

Sườn Kho Trứng Cút Ribs and Quail Eggs – 129 of 365

I asked my cabin crew about some craziness I recently ate, and both of them smiled while excitedly saying, “Very delicious!”   By now the base ingredient of this lunch should come as no surprise.  Yes…you are correct…fish sauce mixed with soy, sugar, pepper and garlic.  Keep these basics in the pantry and before we know it, we […]

Phổ Tai Chin Raw Meat Soup – 128 of 365

I challenge anyone to wander down a street in Hanoi without running across some sort of shop or mobile phổ lady dispensing this national dish to the eager masses.  Parents even mash the silky rice noodles into a baby food paste.  Who needs Gerbers when a simple bowl of soup seems to sate an entire family’s nutritional needs.  Remember that food […]