Typhoon Pakhar Ramen Noodles – 109 of 365

Ramen Noodles

Typhoon Pakhar blew through and in its most disruptive wake left behind an interesting meal my chopsticks might have otherwise given a pass.  Actually I take that back…under normal circumstances I’d have never touched this mess.   Well, perhaps were I a starving college kid on a budget cheaper than even Taco Bell, maybe I would seek out this meal.  But you get my point, sometimes dire hunger causes us to willingly suck down offensive nastiness such as ramen.  Yes, ramen.  Those overly salty and crunchy factory fried noodles with their copious amounts of msg and grease graced my dinner bowl.

So how did this offending mass of noodles wind up part of my daily diet?  After trying to land in Saigon my crew and I diverted the plane back to Pleiku to wait out the storm.   Of course dinnertime had come and gone and ordering food in Pleiku is not possible after 8pm as the entire city seems to lock up tight.  After sweet talking the airport staff, they offered us selections from a secret stash materializing out of who knows where.

Cooking Dinner in the Galley

A young women set us up with beef slices of dubious origin, raw eggs, and packets of Miliket brand ramen with a supposed prawn flavor.  The idea behind the egg is to crack it atop the noodles and to allow the hot water to steep away the rawness.  Hunger sure does drop food inhibitions such as sampling this new way to cook something squeezed out of a chicken on board a plane.   Whether or not the egg cooked well enough to kill salmonella who knows, but it did turn the water a never before discovered shade of yellow.

I got to wondering what is the point of ramen other than serving as an emergency ration when all other options have crapped out.   At least ours was a more gourmet attempt with all the added ingredients.  College kids all across America could only wish they had beef and eggs stirred into their bowls of sodium and fat.  Let’s make them jealous with this airplane galley creation…

Typhoon Noodles –  Our signature dish of crunchy noodles paired with our world famous Pakhar broth.  Delicate prawn undertones accent a silky egg infusion.  Garnished with tender slices of free range Vietnamese beef.

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