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Lunch Lady on Friday – 127 of 365

The Lunch Lady hasn’t been on my food circuit in a few weeks so back I went to check out her Friday offerings.  This woman made famous by Anthony Bourdain serves a day specific meal to anyone willing to venture to the edge of District 1 just near the Nguyen Thu Minh Khai Street bridge into the Binh […]

Beyond An Ordinary Noodle

Pho is much more than soup.   My latest piece for Tuoi Tre newspaper looks at some dishes made with the pho noodle that we westerners might miss.   The text follows the link here: Ask anyone new to the diverse Vietnamese smorgasbord of cuisine which food he or she first sampled, and the answer of […]

Cơm Gà Chicken and Rice – 126 of 365

A city of 300,000 in the central highlands called Buôn Ma Thuột is the coffee producing capital of Vietnam.  It is also home to a most interesting poultry lunch.  This food journey began early in the morning when my purser asked our crew if she could order chicken for planeside delivery when we passed through […]

TV News Segment

A while back my food blog was featured on KSL news in Salt Lake City.  I realized I never made a post about it so here it is.   To watch the segment, click on the not so good picture of me and the video will start.  Thank you Sarah for making such a great story.  Enjoy! […]

Cà Ri Gà Curry Chicken – 125 of 365

What’s the easiest way to rock a friend’s world to its core?   You take her to the streets for a real Vietnamese meal far from the comforts of a Western sit down meal ordered from a menu.   Anneke has been in Saigon several months and has yet to sample the best on offer in the streets.   I […]

Bánh Xèo Street Crepes – 124 of 365

On my walks through the Binh Thanh district, I pass a tiny bánh xèo stand at 33 Phan Van Han Street that for months has had my interest piqued with its six dollhouse size plastic stools and fresh looking food.  So many times I’ve come close to ordering one of those yellow tinted pancakes, yet […]

Becoming Friends With Vietnam

Here is my latest story for Tuoi Tre newspaper that is inspired by the ups and downs of immersing into another culture.  Here is the link, and the text from the article follows: Recently I found myself wandering through Binh Thanh District to bask in the color of a Vietnam thoroughly hidden from the […]

Cà Ri Mực Curry Squid – 123 of 365

Finally, we once again sample Vietnamese food as it should be in its natural habitat.  Proper glorious Vietnamese food…   Amazing amounts of Vietnamese food everywhere…  I think you get the picture.  Being back home in Saigon searching out meals off the tourist trail has certainly put me back in my element after our detour through the […]

Bánh Mì in America – 122 of 365

We have reached our final meal together in America, and I trust you are as ready as I to start exploring Vietnam anew.   This detour has served an important purpose though in just checking out the food scene across the Pacific to make some comparisons.  I think we have all become better educated the past several […]

Mì Xào in America – 121 of 365

Conspicuously absent, in Atlanta at least, are the great street food classics such as pork stuffed squid, pork stuffed tofu with tomato sauce, crispy fish filets, snails, eel, and the list goes on.  Basically we have three tiers to the  American interpretation of the Vietnamese food pyramid… well known phởs, basic grilled meats on top of vermicelli and the […]