Cơm Gà Edible Chicken and Rice – 145 of 365

Chicken and Rice

Finally!!!  Sooner or later the odds were bound to flip to my favor.  As you know by now, chicken and I famously do not get along in this country, and I have even resorted to vegan plant based imitations to quell my cravings.  My ideal version of the poultry arts just doesn’t seem to exist over here in these parts.

Yes, I am still somewhat in shock I actually consumed a finger licking good chicken meal produced in Vietnam.   My friend Kevin knows all the hidden jewels tucked away deep in hidden Saigon that prove so highly palatable to western tastes such as Su Su at 55 Tu Xuong Street in District 3.  This outdoor collection of metal tables on a quiet side street serves a chicken and rice for just under two bucks that has restored my faith in meals scraped out of our feathered friends.

With this version of cơm gà, an entire piece of the bird is plopped down on a plastic plate rather than a mound of the fatty rubber strips otherwise so common.   In fact, I recognized dinner right off the bat as possibly either a wing or thigh.  Hey, I never said I am trained chef or have a masters degree in poultry identification.

Surely you have eaten at KFC, right?  You know how they batter the chicken before deep frying it all into one giant grease laden crunchball?   Su Su takes the same bird and fries it as well.  However, and an important however at that, no batter is needed here as super hot oil crisps the skin up into something much less greasy the texture and thickness of a potato chip.  OK, I actually ate chicken skin and my mouth was acting faster than my brain since I sucked down over half of it before my better judgment and inhibitions caught up with reality.

At KFC rather pedestrian ketchup and French fries round out a combo meal.  “VFC” thankfully drops a decidedly Vietnamese twist into its food.  Rather than a bland tomato product squeezed out of a tin foil packet plastered with the Colonel’s image, a bowl of slightly sweet but very tangy brown tamarind sauce is the dip of choice here.   Think A1 Steak Sauce doctored up with a bit more of a sugar kick.  The food gods shower us with further mercy as well as there’s no asking “Do you want fries with that” at Su Su.  An amazing tomato flavored fried rice is the only option.

I stared at the aftermath on my plate, and was pleased to have demolished dinner.  You just can’t even imagine how refreshing this was to not leave behind a plate of gizzards, intestines, skin, kidneys, fat, congealed blood, and God only knows what else.  Finding a decent chicken in Vietnam only took two years.  Better late than never, right?  Expats haven’t nicknamed this joint VFC, or Vietnam Fried Chicken, for nothing.

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One Comment on “Cơm Gà Edible Chicken and Rice – 145 of 365”

  1. June 9, 2012 at 4:28 am #

    I believe this is cơm gà xối mỡ.

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