đậu Hũ Xào Nấm Fried Tofu and Mushrooms – 158 of 365

đậu hũ xào nấm

So much for branching out and trying to be adventurous.  A pan filled with green beans, fried tofu and what I thought to be an offal of sorts enticed me into finally dropping my food inhibitions.  Since I was eating lunch with a friend, I wanted to show off  that Vietnamese food didn’t scare me at all.

After carefully studying the light brown round items with holes in the middle, we determined them to be kidneys, and I thought there’s no turning back now.  What better way to expand one’s dietic world than a healthy dose of peer pressure?   With a ton of outward bravado and an even larger amount of inner angst I began to wonder what have I done ordering this mess.

It could be a kidney…

My friend asked, “Well, are you gonna eat it or not?”   Of course I am.  I just haven’t calmed my nerves yet enough to willingly eat sliced kidney.  I felt the pain of every kid out there being forced to eat unwanted foods at the dinner table as I swirled lunch around with a few shoves of the wooden chopsticks.  This one came with a sauce of soy rather than the customary fermented fish which hyped my imagination to new levels of horror as I got to thinking what on earth in Vietnam is so off the charts it’s not even eaten with fish sauce.

Here goes nothing I thought as I popped one of the round brown delicacies into my mouth.  It wasn’t so bad after all and I nibbled into the soft exterior of another one.  Actually I began to think their pleasant earthy flavor tasted very familiar indeed.   A woman sitting next to us had been understanding our conversation all along and she looked at my plate, glanced at me, stared at the plate again and started laughing.  So whispered something into her friend’s ear which caused both to cover their mouths and giggle some more.

I’m thinking what the heck have I eaten here as I popped another one of these animal guts along with a green bean into my mouth.  My friend volunteered these might have been chicken testicles or something and of course that didn’t help matters any.  I promptly asked him if he has really ever seen a chicken with junk this big and how is this even physically possible, so he determined them to be more of a bovine nature.   He definitely wasn’t helping so I took a piece of fried tofu before throwing in the towel.

Finally our hysterically laughing neighbor said, “You eat mushroom.  Only mushroom.  Ha ha ha ha.”  Then she announced to no one in particular, “He eat mushroom.  He don’t know mushroom. Ha ha ha ha.”  Yeah, joke’s on me.  I really thought I was branching out to expand my once sheltered food universe, but the food gods had some sweet mercy on me in the end.  I guess I am just not ready for primetime Vietnamese animal innard dining after all.  Saved by a plate of đậu hũ xào nấm or fried tofu and mushrooms…what luck indeed.

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