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đậu Hũ Xào Nấm Fried Tofu and Mushrooms – 158 of 365

So much for branching out and trying to be adventurous.  A pan filled with green beans, fried tofu and what I thought to be an offal of sorts enticed me into finally dropping my food inhibitions.  Since I was eating lunch with a friend, I wanted to show off  that Vietnamese food didn’t scare me […]

Ốc Snail – 157 of 365

Deep in District 3 at 138 Vo Van Tan is a restaurant called Quan An 138.   With its open front, serving pans full of items that give great pause, and electric fans desperately trying to stir the hot, humid air, this place really is no different than any other street food joint littered across the cityscape.  What […]

Mực Xào Thơm Stir Fry Squid and Pineapple – 156 of 365

Rainy season thoroughly squashed my plans to venture on foot deep into Saigon’s street food scene.  As is de rigeur in Vietnam when something craps out, you just make do with the next best thing.  A box of takeaway from Café 91 next to my apartment on Nguyen Huu Canh came to my street food rescue just before […]

Bún Nem Nướng Grilled Pork Noodles – 155 of 365

Wandering around Saigon without agenda is one of the best ways to scope out new foods.   It’s hot, sweaty work in this summertime heat, but somebody’s got to do it.  Just before the bridge into Binh Thanh District at 2/2K Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street is a corner shop house across from the zoo.   Actually […]

Cá Cơm Chiên Bơ Fried Anchovies – 154 of 365

Months ago a friend and I watched two guys tuck into a pile of grilled bird product at Quan Loan at the corner of Hai Ba Trung and Ly Tu Trong Streets in District 1.  With the risk of an unwanted portion arriving tableside too great, we hesitated asking the waitress what these tiny bony delights were.  So instead my friend walked right up to the guys to […]

Bún ốc Snail Noodle Soup – 153 of 365

Sometimes the best meals are the random discoveries when original plans go awry.   A recent CNN Go article online listed Hanoi’s top ten street food joints, and of course this opened up a whole new side of the city.  My friend Allie wanted to sample the bun cha at placed called Bun Cha 34 (#143) of all […]

Cơm Gà Hội An Hoi An Chicken and Rice – 152 of 365

Against my better judgment I decided to try another dose of Vietnamese chicken.  By now you have figured out barnyard bird and I just do not get along in this country.   I yearn for my sanitized all white meat, boneless, skinless strips and breasts so readily available across the Pacific in the US.   The recent […]

So Long Rainy Day Blues

Rainy season is upon us in Saigon and the frequent downpours are cooling things down.  This is our “winter” and even in Vietnam comfort foods warm us up.   Here is a link to my latest article for Tuoi Tre newspaper and the text follows: For those of us not lucky enough to hail from […]

Lunch Lady on Sunday – 151 of 365

Recently I departed the Lunch Lady’s domain with no clue what that delicious Thursday special had been.  This time I arrived armed with paper and pen but turns out I had no need to shove them in the Lunch Lady’s face for her to write down what Sunday brings.  Remember the Phnom Phen noodle soup […]

Bòn Bon Bò Beef With Lanzones – 150 of 365

One could be easily lulled into thinking my entire food universe is rooted in sidewalk stands and street food joints.   Believe it or not, I cook a fair bit, too.  Wandering through the street market and picking out ingredients I have never before seen has become not only a great hobby but a tasty way […]