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Pleiku Airport Noodles – 149 of 365

Way back when in the beginning we sampled some fairly decent fried rice (#5) from the Pleiku airport in the central highlands.   Typhoon Pakhor even spawned an emergency meal there cobbled together from leftovers and ramen (#109).  Back we go for another meal straight from the same customer buffet in the gate area.   Don’t worry…this […]

Gà Xào Xả ớt Chay Vegan Lemongrass Chili Chicken – 148 of 365

Aside from “VFC” earlier this week perhaps you’ve noticed the general dearth of meats on this food journey that clucked in a former life.  A very simple explanation for this glaring omission of a very large source of potential foods will clear up your curiosity now as to why.  Most Vietnamese chicken and I just […]

A Street Food Capital

Let’s journey north to Hanoi for three local dishes unique to the capital.  This is my latest article for Tuoi Tre newspaper.  The link and text follow: Word is out.  Various magazines and travel websites such as CNN Go are now letting our neighbors in on a secret we in Vietnam have long known to […]

Dim Sum – 147 of 365

Dim sum pieces awaiting their final steam bath in a metal cooker line the shelves of a serving cart parked in the street.   The place seems to have a high turnover so I wasn’t overly worried about these bite size nuggets festering too long in the evening heat.  A slight glimmer of angst did cross my […]

Phu Quoc

This is part one of a two part series about a day I spent wandering around Phu Quoc Island’s more off the beaten path areas.  I hope it maybe inspires you to find your own trail away from the standard tourist stops.  This appears in the May 2012 edition of Vietnam Heritage and the second half will […]

Mực Nướng Thái Thai Grilled Squid – 146 of 365

People watching in Saigon always proves a fascinating glimpse into the controlled chaos constantly ebbing and flowing out there in the streets.  While watching the world haphazrdly drift on by at Loan at 37 Ly Tu Trung Street, I noticed the surrounding sidewalks explode into all out panic mode.   I mean this was crazier than […]

Cơm Gà Edible Chicken and Rice – 145 of 365

Finally!!!  Sooner or later the odds were bound to flip to my favor.  As you know by now, chicken and I famously do not get along in this country, and I have even resorted to vegan plant based imitations to quell my cravings.  My ideal version of the poultry arts just doesn’t seem to exist over […]

Xôi Chả Lụa Sticky Rice With Sausage – 144 of 365

Long walks through both Hanoi and Saigon bring me up close and personal with Vietnam’s two largest cities.  The freedom afforded by my own two feet in wandering off the beaten path is beyond description.  More so in Hanoi my presence seems to be a curious novelty to more than a few locals away from the usual tourist and expat […]

Bún Chả – 143 of 365

Is “foodgasm” a word?  If not, someone please tell Mr. Webster to slap these eight letters into his dictionary and to do it quickly.   Foodgasm.  Wow, What a sensory overload food can be. Now before you think I have completely gone off the deep end, hear me out.  Bún chả is probably one of my favorite foods in Vietnam.  No, scratch […]

Mì Xào Beef Noodles in Hanoi – 142 of 365

Now I am thoroughly confused.  Mì xào.  Two simple monosyllabic words even I can pronounce.  Mee saooowa.  See…simple.  Now what is not so simple is trying to determine what mì xào actually is as it seems to be fully open to interpretation.  Let’s recap.  Mì xào in America was noodles deep fried into crunchy cakes.   […]