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Bò Xào Lăn Beef With Onion in Phan Thiet – 197 of 365

The friendly folks at my hotel were completely confused why I did not want to eat there.  First of all, the whole purpose of this trip to Phan Thiet is research for a magazine article.   Research for me means getting down and dirty with the locals including at their favorite food joints rather than overpriced […]

Bánh Mì Chả Lụa Sausage Sandwich – 196 of 365

A few amazing meals will hopefully be the tasty byproducts of a few days spent in Phan Thiet researching for a magazine article.  Taking the train to this beachside town was a tactical miscalculation of mammoth proportions on my part.  Why did I think this would be a serene jaunt through rice paddies while basking […]

Airport Faux-Phở – 195 of 365

Let me preface this by saying that I realize a domestic airport terminal in Vietnam is not the sort of launching pad where one embarks on some amazing culinary odyssey.  The selections are geared for the most local of locals and in Vietnam this is normally a good thing.  As a friend and I waited […]

Cơm-Mý Đút Lò Ý – Baked Spaghetti – 194 of 365

In the quest to complete this journey of food, I am always on the lookout for a new and unusual meal.  Vietnam seems to pose no particular risk of running out of choices before we reach 365, and every day brings a new surprise.  While watching the rainy season deliver yet another downpour putting a […]

Phá Lấu Nướng Grilled Innards – 193 of 365

The journey to and from the table for this street food meal proved as interesting as the meal itself.  My new friends Richie and Mimi enjoy street food as much as I and are definitely able to unlock a whole new hidden side of Saigon.  They held the keys to an entire meal of animal […]

Mì Xào Huế Hải Sản Hue Stirfry Noodles and Seafood – 192 of 365

With the amount of signs plastered all over the joint, one has no doubt Quan Hong Hanh at 11A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai in District 1 specializes in the cuisine of Hue.  This central Vietnam city pronounced “Hway” is known for fiery dishes I thoroughly enjoy.  Perhaps a food pilgrimage to the actual city is in […]

Rice Burger With An X Rated Side – 191 of 365

Who would have ever thought buying a train ticket would lead to a one of a kind sexually charged meal and at a fast food joint no less.  The travel agency in my apartment building only sells air tickets I found out, so they sent me to their District 1 office.  This wild goose chase finally […]

Cua Crab From The Street Market – 190 of 365

Introducing two friends to the street market behind our apartment towers led to an unexpected dinner.  As we slowly moved from stand to stand a conical hat wearing woman selling live crabs by the side of the road got their attention, and she began waiving one right at us.  Even though rope bound its claws, […]

Cá Kho Tộ Caramel Fish in Clay Pot – 189 of 365

Snakehead is a delicacy in Asia.  What image is dancing around in your mind right now?  Villagers waving dead cobras on a stick?  It’s actually much less benign than that.  I had never before heard of this fish until moving here.  And having only seeing it listed as “snake head” on menus, of course I thought […]

Suon Ram Củ Cải Ribs and Beets – 188 of 365

An unexpected meal is the best kind of all.   The weather over southern Vietnam has been stormy as of late, and some unusually angry air has simmered over mountainous Dalat in the central highlands.  Low clouds kept us from landing and forced our return to Saigon.  Hunger struck and lunchtime was calling our names during this […]