Archive | June 14, 2012

Trứng Cút Lộn Fertile Quail Egg – 181.5 of 365

The same restaurant bringing us that delicious wild boar serves up an appetizer not quite a meal but at the same time deserving a mention of its own.  Restaurants all across America bring a basket of bread and butter to occupy that time between placing an order and receiving the entrée.  Làng Nướng Nam Bộ […]

Heo Rừng Nướng Grilled Wild Boar – 181 of 365

Picture it…A restaurant down a side street off traffic choked Cach Mang Thang Tam Street deep in Saigon’s District 10.   OK.  So it sounds like anywhere in Saigon, right?   Well, not so fast there for this semi-open air barbecue mecca called Làng Nướng Nam Bộ veers far off the normal trail in the best of […]