Trứng Cút Lộn Fertile Quail Egg – 181.5 of 365

They Look So Innocent…

The same restaurant bringing us that delicious wild boar serves up an appetizer not quite a meal but at the same time deserving a mention of its own.  Restaurants all across America bring a basket of bread and butter to occupy that time between placing an order and receiving the entrée.  Làng Nướng Nam Bộ delivers a small plate of trứng cút lộn or fertile quail egg.  I think I prefer loads of the gut busting carbs over this lean mean protein.

Not quite as large as a duck egg of the same nasty ilk, these tiny things the size of a miniature Cadbury chocolate egg are an interesting treat.  Cracking open the black and white speckled shell reveals a hard boiled fetus attached to a chalky vein filled ball of yolk.  Hey, I am not going to sugar coat this one.  I’m just telling it like it is.

…Until Cracked Open

I can’t help but wonder how in the world did someone determine this type of food to be a good idea.  And even more so who experimented enough to learn that trứng cút lộn is best between 19 and 21 days old?  Anything before 19 days and it’s just a pasty mess.  Anything beyond 21 and it’s a full blown bird.

Maybe the better question is why do I do this to myself?

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