Cơm-Mý Đút Lò Ý – Baked Spaghetti – 194 of 365

Cơm-Mý Đút Lò Ý

In the quest to complete this journey of food, I am always on the lookout for a new and unusual meal.  Vietnam seems to pose no particular risk of running out of choices before we reach 365, and every day brings a new surprise.  While watching the rainy season deliver yet another downpour putting a damper on my plans to get out and explore, I heard a piece of paper slide under my door.  Now in the US this door clutter is usually for some crappy Chinese takeaway or pizza buy one get one free.

As I examined this advertisement I’m sitting there thinking to myself what the hell is this mess.  Some joint called “Cheezie” offers cheese baked rice-spaghetti, whatever that is, in six varieties including baby clam, beef and ham.  No address, no nothing at all…all I had to go on was a glossy picture and a delivery hotline.   The Google gods got me no closer to any sort of answers as to what Cheezie is, so I laid their advertisement for “cơm-mý đút lò ý” on my coffee table for another day.

Looks Better In The Ad

The next afternoon I decided to bite since the rains once again kept me sequestered at home, and lo and behold an English speaking girl politely took my order for the beef cheezie.  She kept asking if I wanted spaghetti and I’m thinking what other choice is there according to that pictorial tutoring aid delivered under my door.  Such strangeness is nothing new so I just hung up and waited for the 30 minute delivery time to pass on by.

Now we all know by now life’s little lessons such as the Big Mac pictured on the side of a McDonalds 18 wheeler looks nothing like the actual sandwich ingredients being transported inside.  A beef cheezie is much the same and I was disappointed at the $4 price tag for Vietnamese interpretation of baked pasta adhering to the inside of the tin foil pan.  A mass of spaghetti had been doused in oil and cheese, baked, and then topped with some tough seasoned beef.  That’s all.   Nothing special here indeed, and I have to scratch my head at the two packets of ketchup accompanying it all.  Who puts ketchup on cheese and noodles?  Certainly not me.

I still do not know where this mystery restaurant is located or exactly what rice-spaghetti is.  No worries though for we’ve tried something new that seems to be strictly Vietnamese.

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