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At The Foot Of The Manor

The neighborhood behind where I live is a fascinating look into Vietnam well beyond the guidebooks.   This is a magazine article I wrote for Vietnam Heritage in an attempt to convey how it feels to wander around Binh Thanh District with a Western frame of mind.

Bánh Canh Cua Crab Noodle Soup – 179 of 365

When I found by chance Bun Bo Bao Tram just inside busy Alley 18A off Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, I vowed I would be back to try other versions of their amazing crab soup.  That I was able to drag along a friend who doesn’t even like seafood for another round goes to show good food […]

Cua đồng Sốt ớt Crabs In Hot Sauce – 178 of 365

Whenever a restaurant in Saigon boasts of cuisine from another corner of Vietnam, I have learned to take it all in with a gigantic grain of salt.  With this frame of mind I entered Lang Cua Dong Restaurant in District 3 at 18A/3/A3 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street.  They proclaim to “serve all healthy dishes from […]

Beef Steak – 177 of 365

An upscale smattering of sushi joints and fancy food shops line District 1’s Le Thanh Ton Street near Vincom Center.   Now of course plastic tables and squat stools under a sagging awning at the intersection of Hai Ba Trung stand out like a sore thumb amongst this neighborhood of higher end offerings, especially next door to a […]

Phu Quoc Part 2

In May I had part 1 of my Phu Quoc article published in Vietnam Heritage Magazine.  Part 2 now appears in the June edition.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed exploring the island to write it.  The picture on the cover is one I took of fish drying on the road.  […]

Mango Chicken – 176 of 365

If I said “chicken with mango sauce,” what would you think?   Is a delicious image of succulent stir fried white meat pieces so carefully paired with a sweet and sticky fruit based sauce dancing around your head?  Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought, too while ordering takeaway from Lion City next to Saigon’s Intercontinental Hotel.  […]

Bún Mắm Fermented Shrimp Soup – 175 of 365

Have you ever eaten something you just can’t tell if you like it or not?  Try to wrap your head around this ingredient list that comes together in a brown, highly fragrant fish stinking broth…eggplant, purple fermented shrimp paste, garlic, and lemongrass amongst who knows what else.  Part of any food experience is smell and the odor […]

Bánh Tráng Trộn Rice Paper Salad – 174 of 365

Imagine five full size western guys cramming into a subcompact Toyota taxi like it was some sort of clown car, and you’ve got the journey to this most interesting meal.  In fact, this is one of the more memorable meals to cross my path in a long while.  My friend and coworker, Mike, suggested a group of […]

Herbal Enhancement

One of the best perks of living in Vietnam is access to fresh herbs costing hardly anything.   When my time is finished here, the baskets of herbs with almost every meal is something I will miss.   Here is my latest article or Tuoi Tre newspaper with a link and text following: Mealtime in Vietnam […]

Gà Cà Ri Curry Chicken – 173 of 365

Normally our Monday Madness food group enjoys nipping around the fringes of Saigon’s dining underbelly.  We’ve enjoyed fertile duck eggs and when they come back in season, grilled rat will be one of our scary selections d’jour.  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone there…I didn’t know either that rat consumption has a proper time of year.   And […]