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Another Saigon Bún Chả Attempt – 229 of 365

Since I needed to run an errand out by the airport, I decided to run by Van Anh at 36 Hong Ha for some bún chả.  Why not kill two birds with one stone?  And, yes, I know.  You are saying to yourself not another bún chả meal.  These juicy pork patties and crispy strips […]

Cá Basa Chiên Xoài Fish And Mango – 228 of 365

Working on a magazine article at the Highlands Coffee in my apartment building took longer than expected and lunchtime now loomed.  From 11am to 2pm a special lunch menu with 59,000 Dong selections including a small cup of soup gave me an opportunity to check out how chain food versions of our street food favorites […]

Bánh Mì ốp La Egg Baguette – 227 of 365

A long time ago at the beginning of this food journey we sampled a simple yet filling breakfast treat.  This one on the surface could pass for full on Americana, yet one bite and we know it is unmistakably Vietnamese.  I am talking about a wonderfully crunchy baguette stuffed with an omelet.  Of course this […]

Xôi Canh Đùi Gà Sticky Rice And Chicken – 226 of 365

The only thing consistent in Vietnam is its utter disregard for consistency.  I guess that explains the catchphrase over here of “same, same but different.”  Nothing is constant here though people think it is.  And for a country that really can’t seem to venture outside the box, I am so surprised that the chaos called […]

Hoa Lý Xào Thịt Bò Beef and Tonkin Jasmine – 225 of 365

And to think my hotel’s front desk staff had told me no food was available in the immediate neighborhood that would satisfy my tastes.  Within two blocks I saw numerous single story concrete shacks crumbling beneath tin roofs where the thirsty and hungry can pull up a chair under a wall mounted fan, drink cold beer and eat […]

Tôm Rang Thịt Ba Shrimp and Pork Belly – 224 of 365

I am far from a snob when trying new foods in unorthodox places.  The equivalent of a “com binh dan” street food shop stands like a beacon of cheap food right next to the deli counter and dairy case.  I had stopped by Big C to pick up some pens and water and figured why […]

Bò Bóp Thấu Beef Salad – 223 of 365

I am beginning to think though Hue is a tourist mecca of sorts, westerners must stick to prescribed restaurants and venues.  Everywhere I go the people seem fascinated by my arrival right down to kids running up to me and touching me all over.  This is good for it means mission accomplished. I have found […]

Canh Hoa Chuối Nấu Tôm – 222 of 365

Atkins Diet fans in Vietnam can now rejoice.  I have found a soup without one single carbohydrate laden noodle.  This discovery came by complete accident, too.  My friend and I decided to mingle with the locals and found a spot around the corner from the hotel called Quan Thien at 21 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai.  This […]

Grilled Fish Patties and Pork – 221 of 365

Aimlessly wandering around Hue and environs on a motorbike opened up a whole new side of Vietnam.  I am able to go where the tourists would never dare step foot.  About 45 minutes outside the city are some beaches for which I had held high hopes.  Five minutes surveying the trash strewn shores were all […]

Trà Sữa Trân Châu Part III – 220 of 365

Yes, I know.  You tune in every day to read about interesting food such as sun dried squid and wait patiently to see if grilled dog shall ever make an appearance.  Sometimes the most mundane of foods create the most entertainment though.  Milk tea has made an appearance twice lately due to how bizarre a […]