Archive | July 10, 2012

Magazine Article About Hanoi’s Truc Bach Lake Neighborhood

This is an article I wrote for the July 2012 edition of Vietnam Heritage magazine.  It’s like a local National Geographic.  I lived in Hanoi for a year and a half before moving to Saigon and travel back to Hanoi once or twice a week for work.  My frequent trips back are allowing me to […]

Cheeseburger in Paradise – 207 of 365

During my morning jaunt deep into the hot, humid, sticky, smelly, noisy, simmering, awesome maelstrom beyond the guidebooks otherwise known as Binh Thanh District, I spied two western women drinking coffee at a sidewalk shop.  Even though apartment towers such as mine are full of westerners, most venture no further than the driveway to catch […]