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Bánh Mì Tôm Chiên Trứng Fried Shrimp and Egg Sandwich – 240 of 365

Yes, I will concede this one is not a proper banh mi in the strictest sense of what constitutes a baguette based sandwich.  But this one is sold in Vietnam and underneath the cartoon cat on the wrapper is a Vietnamese label indicating this one is a gut busting tôm chiên trứng, or fried shrimp […]

Chinatown in Saigon – My Latest Article

Phở Xào Fried Noodles With Pork – 239 of 365

My hours of exploring Hanoi on foot have entered a sad hiatus as I wait out summer’s torrid sauna for winter’s cold, damp, cloudy return.  This sizzling heat bath means sticking close to the hotel on work overmights or venturing out on the motorbike only for very short journeys.  The foolishness we call driving in […]