Mực Xào Stir Fry Squid – 254 of 365

All For $1.25

Mực xào is no stranger to this food journey, and we’ve sampled it before.  Actually, it crosses my path quite often as it is one of my favorite stir fries over here.  Tender squid, onions, pineapple, cilantro and more take a spin in the wok and the flavor combination brings out the best of spicy, sweet, sour and salty.

What began as a routine lunchtime takeaway excursion to Café 91 next to my apartment tower soon became one of my most memorable food experiences to date.  Just as I placed my order for an order to go, I realized I left my money at home.  I explained this in Vietnamese no less (I have come a long way!), and the owner told me not to worry.  Well, I was worried.  I hate to do a dine and dash, even if she knew upfront.

Mực Xào

In my most basic and crappy Vietnamese I explained I would just come back and order again.  Several of the lunch ladies motioned for me to sit down and they brought me my stir fry, soup, rice, vegetable and banana and said over and over don’t worry about it.  Now how is that for a random act of kindness?  I savored every bite of a dish that just now tasted even better because it was served from the heart.

After finishing I told her I’d be back in fifteen minutes, and then thanked the food gods this street food joint is just next door.  When I returned with a pocketful of Dong, the ladies just told me don’t worry about it.  I finally paid my $1.25 equivalent and vowed I’d make even more of an effort to eat here

Lunch with a side of kindness…does it get any better than that?

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One Comment on “Mực Xào Stir Fry Squid – 254 of 365”

  1. August 25, 2012 at 12:15 pm #

    My most memorable lunches in Saigon were the simple yet fulfilling ones in the streets. Quite an experience you got there. In the worst case scenario, they would probably make you clean the dishes LOL

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