Spam, Rice and Egg – 256 of 365

Spam in Nam

The grocery store in my building has a wicker basket full of a ready to eat oddity.  For months and months I have looked upon this food with a healthy dose of snobby disdain.  I mean, who the heck eats Spam?

How the hell does Spam end up in a Vietnamese food store anyhow?   Is there no filter against incoming Spam?   Fortunately, I have gone entire life without ever tasting the crap.  I guess my mom did a pretty good job shielding us from this sort of food nonsense and somewhere along the line must have warned us about its dangers.

So yes, I bought one of these sickly looking treats against my better judgment.  I just want to show the world that even to Vietnam, we export our very own home-grown American culinary greatness.

The pretty little seaweed wrap sure does elevate this to unheard of levels of fine dining, doesn’t it?   It looked vaguely like a supersized version of a Japanese delicacy yet without the perfect slice of raw salmon or grilled eel.   I thought to myself maybe it won’t be so bad as I bit into the spongy “meat” product, egg and rice.  I do not even want to know what part of the leftover pig is mashed up before being injection molded into an unnaturally shaped block infused to new heights with salt.

I tried it.  It tasted like a hot dog that has fermented in the ocean for a week.  I spit out.  At least my curiosity has finally been satisfied.

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