Pork Ribs – 259 of 365

Pork Ribs

For 9 months now I have walked past a food joint whose signboard really offers no name at 14B9A Ngo Tat To Street in the Binh Thanh District, and since December the wonderful smell of grill smoke has elevated my hunger.  Those wonderful plumes of oily goodness wafting all over the sidewalk finally drew me in for one of the most amazing meals I have had to date in Vietnam.  Even the nuoc cham was so delicious I would seriously hook an IV drip of it up to me just to deliver it faster into my system.

The perfectly marinated meat is sweet and tender and then perfectly charred.  It’s so soft it melts in the mouth, and I couldn’t help gnawing the bones clean like I have never before done.  The pickled vegetables were such a nice contrast to the sweet meat as well.  If only this were an all you can eat buffet!

I will keep this short and sweet and sum this dining experience up in two words:  absolutely delicious.

Sidewalk Grill

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