Sâm Bổ Lượng Sweet Soup – 263 of 365

Soup In A Glass

This semi liquid lunch was just weird all around.  The same girl that has brought so much irritation with the passion fruit flavored soy drink has once again struck again.  A small mob was overwhelming her little stand on the 4th floor of Parkson’s in District 1, and anyone with a set of eyes could see she was about to implode.  Yes, three people trying to order at once are enough to turn her world upside down.

I was last to reach her and asked for my customary passion fruit drink, and as always she motioned with her hands that my selection would again be a no go.  After seven months of this song and dance I just did not have it in me anymore to argue and push back.  She finally beat me down and won this battle.  So I ordered something totally new and totally unknown to me until now.  And I noticed that as always this girl is completely unable to make change.  Do they just give her an empty cash register at the beginning of the day and somehow it’s just supposed to miraculously spit out change?

And another thing…This joint does not observe the first order in, first out method of preparing the food.  She employs the last order in, first out method and luckily I was the fourth and last person to place an order.  She takes the printed orders, and spears them on a sharp needle one after another with the most recent on top.  When, and only when, no one else is in line do they start working down the stack from the top.  I guess this strange process makes sense to someone there.

A tall narrow glass with a long spoon shoved down into it housed this sâm bổ lượng.  I noticed a pile of seaweed and assorted junk resting under a full three inches of ice cubes blocking any maneuvering of the spoon.  So how the hell does someone eat this mess?  And more importantly is this mess edible or is only the liquid consumed.  I drank some and it reminded me of canned fruit cocktail liquid mixed with the Atlantic Ocean.  Some tiny white puffy things became saturated and bloated after floating around the bowl too long.

The menu mentioned job’s tear, dried longan, red jujubes, lotus seed and seaweed.  I did not detect a single red item or dried fruit.   Perhaps the mushy seeds were the job’s tears.  Who knows for I have no idea what job’s tears are.  I didn’t stick around long enough to figure this one out.   If the crap at the bottom of the glass is indeed supposed to be edible, it was nearly impossible to pull up for all the ice and the narrowness of the glass.

This one was called a “soup” on the sign.  Doesn’t soup usually come in a bowl?  Oh well.  Live and learn.  Perhaps I will keep my eye out for another one just to see if this stuff really is this difficult to eat.

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