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Spam, Rice and Egg – 256 of 365

The grocery store in my building has a wicker basket full of a ready to eat oddity.  For months and months I have looked upon this food with a healthy dose of snobby disdain.  I mean, who the heck eats Spam? How the hell does Spam end up in a Vietnamese food store anyhow?   Is […]

Cơm Gà Rô Ti Roasted Chicken and Rice – 255 of 365

This morning I succumbed to laziness for a change and did not really want to venture far.  Besides, some looming rain clouds looked like they might unleash a damper on any expeditions into Saigon’s craziness.  Green Corner in my apartment complex offers its take on local specialties and a hand written special on a board out front […]

Mực Xào Stir Fry Squid – 254 of 365

Mực xào is no stranger to this food journey, and we’ve sampled it before.  Actually, it crosses my path quite often as it is one of my favorite stir fries over here.  Tender squid, onions, pineapple, cilantro and more take a spin in the wok and the flavor combination brings out the best of spicy, […]

Rau Bí Xào Thịt Bò Beef and Pumpkin Seed – 253 of 365

Ah yes.  Hanoi in the summer.   Where do we even begin?  All this crappy scorching hot air keeps me from venturing forth deep into Hanoi’s delights, but food discoveries nearby do await.   I stopped by Dieu’s in the Tay Ho neighborhood for some takeaway.  I had eaten at this place a couple of times while living in […]

Pork and Lemongrass – 252 of 365

I eavesdropped as four German guys delivered a scorching analysis of this District 3 sidewalk food joint at 58 Vo Van To Street.  They of course passed on it which really is too bad for they missed out on a great Saigon street food experience.  Food is after all one of the top perks of […]

Ốc Hương Sweet Snails – 251 of 365

Taking long walks through Saigon is definitely not a domain for the faint of heart.   If the traffic and noise don’t bring the weak to their knees, they will surely succumb to the sultry, rainy weather.   Some prestorm winds and cooler temperatures gave a bit of respite from the relentless heat during my latest multihour jaunt.   […]

Shrimp Hot Pot Flavor Ramen – 250 of 365

Several weeks ago I perused the the Big C in Hue with its immense, entire aisle devoted to the ramen arts.  And when I say an entire aisle, I mean floor to ceiling ramen.  Never before in one place have I seen such a collection of sodium, MSG and fried noodles.  Kidneys implode and hearts […]

Chè Táo Đỏ Apple “Tea” – 249 of 365

One thing for sure about Saigon is that this joint is never dull.  And of course straying off the tourist trail can present some most unusual encounters with the locals.  I took my friend who had her first street food experience this week for yet another installment of sidewalk cuisine.  She is already on the fence about […]

Mì Trộn Mixed Wheat – 248 of 365

Here I am back in Hanoi for work sweating my you know what off.  This city celebrated its 1000 year anniversary almost two years ago.  This begs the question of which masochist thought this mosquito infested plain along the banks of the muddy Red River would be a most delightful locale for a city?  You […]

Sườn Nướng Grilled Pork – 247 of 365

Chinatown is quite the unique part of Saigon.  The guide book toting tourists are few and far between.  Actually let me reword that.   The tourists are mercifully pretty much nonexistent.  It’s about as non-Chinese as a Chinatown can be as well.  I can wander largely undisturbed around the streets that have seen better days to […]