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Bánh Trung Thu Mooncake – 306 of 365

How could I not eat a mooncake after witnessing the Tết Trung Thu or Mid-Autumn Festival going on around me.  About a week ago, the Vietnam Daily News ran an article that moon cake sales are down 40% over last year leading up to the festival, and many vendors had sunk thousands of dollars into […]

Bò Cay Tứ Xuyên Szechuan Beef – 305 of 365

This lunch is definitely something we can blame on the rain since a sudden deluge drove us right indoors to the boring, sterile food court at Parksons.  How ironic.  Just minutes before the actual downpour started, a friend and I had walked past a clothing shop (of course selling fake designer goods) belting Milli Vanilli’s Blame […]

Tôm Rim Poached Shrimp – 304 of 365

Café 91 in Binh Thanh District came to the rescue yet again with a seafood dish I had never seen before.  Everytime I wonder how on earth am I going to make it to 365 meals, along comes a new one like clockwork.  That’s what I love about Vietnam…the variety of food seems endless. With […]

Tôm Đồng Nướng Barbecue Prawns – 303 of 365

My friend Allie and I stopped by Hong Luyen in Hanoi’s Tay Ho neighborhood on the lake for some seafood.  I kept trying to order something other than the banh tom fried prawn cakes well known in this area, but the lady was hell bent on steering us towards these deep fried batter blobs with a crustacean in the […]

Miến Gà Chicken and Glass Noodle Part Two – 302 of 365

Not so long ago a great miến gà crossed my path, and I thought what luck to find such an amazing treat in a Chinatown  back alley.  The wonderfully clear broth went down so nicely and left me wanting more.  Even the tender white meat chicken was of most proper sanitization for my western tastes. Fast […]

Mr. Hokkaido – 301 of 365

Normally a boring salad and pastry lunch would not even come close to worthiness of inclusion in a Vietnamese food journey, but of course this being Vietnam, they were shrouded in the normal weirdness found over here.  And this one goes to show that my normal diet is actually quite mundane with leafy greens and […]

Thịt Bò Lúc Lắc Shaking Beef – 300 of 365

Shaking beef is an odd sounding menu item found all over town.  And some of these joints love to serve this horribly translated dish with French fries of all things.  How strange that this country will pair western junk food with an Asian stir fry of beef.  For no other reason than its name, I had […]

Mì Hoành Thánh Xá Xíu Pork Wontons and Noodles – 299 of 365

This mì hoành thánh xá xíu will go down as a dining disaster of epic proportions.  OK, well maybe it wasn’t that bad, but still.  In a country where a truly bad meal is hard to find out on the streets, food courts seem to purvey quite the opposite.  I guess their function is quite […]

Phở Chiên Phồng Fried Noodles Bulging – 298 of 365

Months ago my friend Phuc introduced me to Pho Cuon Huong Mai (25 Ngu Xa Street in the Hanoi’s Truc Bach Lake neighborhood) for a highly local, very tasty, and very cheap food experience.  It’s one of those typical open front, fan cooled joints where people in the know leave quite satisfied and plotting the next […]

Gà Nướng Grilled Chicken – 297 of 365

I immersed a friend into his first street food experience and this one went down as one to remember.  We wandered over to Ngo Tat To Street in Binh Thanh District for a grilled dinner and along with the slab of meat came a slice of chaos.  And when I say immersion I mean a […]