Mì Quảng – 267 of 365

Seriously Bad Soup

I truly am sorry I can’t always bring the best of Vietnamese cuisine to the curious here.  Yes, it was bound to happen, and it finally did.  I am surprised it took 264 meals though.  This is a meal summed up in one word: disgusting.  And I use the term meal loosely as this bowl of mì Quảng was fit for no one.

This one was so salty and so nasty I couldn’t even finish it.  I might as well have just taken an IV drip from the ocean directly into my body.  Even the meat tasted like how I would imagine a horse’s salt lick.  I managed three bites of this and called it quits.  At least my wallet is only about a buck fifty lighter from this crap.

My Quang My Son is the name of this fine purveyor of what should have been tasty noodles and broth.  I feel bloated and salt logged just remembering the insipid taste.  Choi oi!  Enough said.

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