Yes, This Is Actually A Corn Dog – 268 of 365

Corn Dog

This one is for my good friend Tammy.  She is the only person on earth who will understand the meaning of this corn dog to us both.

Yes, you read correctly.  This is a bona fide corn dog thrown right into the middle of all this Vietnamese cuisine that has so consumed my appetite the past couple of years.  In fact, it’s the same crappy pork product covered in deep fried batter with a stick shoved right up its bottom end found back home in America.  I know this food journey is all about discovering new oddities and curiosities we never knew existed or could even be edible.

But think about this…what are the chances of finding a corn dog in the hot case at a Japanese oriented supermarket on Le Thanh Ton Street in District 1?  Perhaps this would be considered an inedible monstrosity to my Vietnamese friends weaned on a diet of chicken lungs and pig stomach.

This lowly corn dog suddenly became more than American junk food for me as I dipped it into real American yellow mustard.  Last week I made the decision to not renew my work contract here in Vietnam and to return to my job in America from which I have been on leave.  All this week, I’ve been wondering if that was the right decision as Vietnam has been a great and rewarding ride albeit a frustrating one at times.  I could have easily just extended my contract another year and just kept on plugging way over here.

One bite of this calorie laden mess is all it took to remind me of everything good about home I left behind to come over here.  Yes, it’s time to head home to renew forgotten friendships and strengthen existing ones that have withstood the test of distance and time.  I now know in my heart I have made the absolute right decision to leave Vietnam in a couple of months, and as luck would have it, my departure is right when we will hit meal 365.

So this may appear an out of place meal amongst all that Vietnam has to offer, but I feel so compelled to include it here.  You see, this is the one meal to date that has really reaffirmed my decision to head on home.

And don’t worry, Tammy.  The corn dogs we sampled from the children’s buffet at the Biltmore House are still the best on Earth!

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