Archive | September 3, 2012

Bánh Tráng Phơi Sương Pork and Herb Wraps – 271 of 365

The Tweet in response to my recent meal at Ba Xi in District 3 at 135 Vo Van Tan Street was simple…”Next time try the banh trang phoi suong at the same place – best dish in Saigon.”  I dragged a friend who is a quite squeamish about eating Vietnamese food to the restaurant to […]

Why I Won’t Eat Dog

An email yesterday asked when I was going to finally start eating something more interesting than every day Vietnamese food, more specifically something along the lines of dog.  Sorry everybody…some foods just aren’t even remotely palatable to me and most likely will never grace my dinner table.  A barbecue dish that woofed or meowed in […]

Chả Giò Homemade Spring Rolls – 270 of 365

Months ago my friend Helen had promised me some of her homemade spring rolls, but as with most things in life, something pesky called work got in the way.  These crispy rolls had a reputation that preceded them in the best of ways, and naturally I was sorely disappointed I would have to wait until […]