Archive | September 13, 2012

Bánh Bèo Huế Steamed Rice Cakes Hue Style – 285 of 365

Yes, Ben Thanh Market is infested with tourists and all the hassles that accompany such a venue.  A friend wanted to try lunch there, and of course I obliged never wanting to turn down a new food discovery.  I must say that the whole experience left a bad taste in our mouths (though the actual […]

Bò Xào Tiêu Đen Beef and Black Pepper Stir Fry – 284 of 365

I had promised my friend Allie an introduction to banh mi from locally famous Nhu Lan downtown, and she was just so excited as we inserted ourselves into the unusually large crowd bobbing around its outdoor counters.  My enthusiasm began waning quite quickly though as I noticed a one of their sandwiches probably was not in […]