Gà Rán KFC – 287 of 365


The planets just didn’t align today for another amazing round of street food.  Something pesky called work along with something even peskier called rain kept my wanderlust locked up this morning.  Yes, I could have gotten out and about for a while had a tried but being lazy was just easier this time.

And this utter laziness drove me right into the Colonel’s clutches at the KFC so conveniently located here in my apartment complex.  I see his smiling face beaming down on the masses and largely avoid the seductiveness of American style fast food.  Actually, I generally don’t even crave this sort of food and would much rather feast on some stir fry delights served over a mound of steamed rice.  Give me a side of vegetable soup any day over a bag of fries so grease soaked the paper has turned opaque.

Surprisingly enough KFC allows us to sort of plant a foot in both eastern and western worlds at once.  Notice I say “sort of” and I use those two words loosely.  For sure fries and slaw are available here, but most combos arrive with a small side of soup and a heap of rice.  How’s that for some localization of a full on American product?

The fried chicken taste the same no matter which side of the Pacific it’s served, and you know what?  I just couldn’t stomach all that grease and the crunchy battered skin.  Not that I ever ate much fried chicken back in my former life, but still.  I can’t believe how much my tastes have evolved over here in Vietnam.  The soup was bland much like canned vegetable soup back home.

This takeaway meal came at a good time and showed me how much I have grown to appreciate fresh foods laden with spices and flavor over the processed crap back home.  I love that the fact that I can walk into a com binh dan lunch joint and in exchange for just over a buck receive soup, rice, vegetable and some sort of protein ranging from fish in a clay pot to a delicious slab of tofu stuffed full of minced pork.  These filling meals on the cheap are something I will dearly miss when my time soon comes to an end here in Vietnam.

Yes, this fried chicken meal reminded me that I need to savor every last bite of Vietnam while it lasts.

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