Mì Hoành Thánh Xá Xíu Pork Wontons and Noodles – 299 of 365

Wontons and Roast Pork

This mì hoành thánh xá xíu will go down as a dining disaster of epic proportions.  OK, well maybe it wasn’t that bad, but still.  In a country where a truly bad meal is hard to find out on the streets, food courts seem to purvey quite the opposite.  I guess their function is quite like in the west.  It’s a place for a cheap meal on the quick and about all the crap is supposed to do is fill stomachs up.  That’s a shame really, but I do understand the premise of feeding the masses in a hurry.

Out on the street, sidewalk chefs depend on repeat business for their livelihood and will make sure whatever the item is they are peddling at the moment hits the spot.  The food court joints have a huge menu, and I can see how shortcuts and lack of quality happen.

What Is This?

This one should have been amazing as it combines three of my favorites…noodles, wontons and roast pork.  And even better all are served on one plate without any soup broth getting in the way.  Finding a dry version of one of my favorite soups was a culinary score and I couldn’t wait to dig into these three things that just inspire me to blow off any concept of moderation.

The pork was fatty and coated in oil.  What happened to those tender 100% meat no fat slices found out on the streets?  The soft wontons held an overly salty stuffing that glowed a strange purple hue.  I think I gained three pounds in water retention just picking at their sodium laden stuffing.  And have you ever left spaghetti in a strainer too long?  You know how it turns into one starchy clump beyond salvaging?  I had no idea how to separate such strands into something edible.

Actually a knife and fork would have been perfect for this.  Then I could have dissected this sticky mass into edible squares.  I speared it with my chopsticks and dangled it before my eyes.  I tried eating it like some sort of giant lollipop but gave up when the whole thing came crashing down in one giant thud.

And so this meal ended really before it started.   I think a visit to a wonton soup parlor is in order soon to cleanse any memories of this mess from my mind.

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