Thịt Bò Lúc Lắc Shaking Beef – 300 of 365

Thịt Bò Lúc Lắc

Shaking beef is an odd sounding menu item found all over town.  And some of these joints love to serve this horribly translated dish with French fries of all things.  How strange that this country will pair western junk food with an Asian stir fry of beef.  For no other reason than its name, I had to see what’s shaking about this thịt bò lúc lắc.

As it turns out, not much actually.  I had expected some dramatic quivering of the beef on the plate, but as it turns out the cook just shakes the wok back and forth to properly sear the meat.  Hence the name.  I watched the young girl doing triple duty as chef, waitress, and cashier grab a portion of frozen meat and pop it in the microwave.  When she turned that sucker on high I thought this is not going to turn out pretty.  That meat is going to instantly cook and turn all tough.  She kept poking at it every so often and I watched its metamorphosis from red to grey.  I surmise one person’s definition of thawed is another’s cooked.

She then stir fried these cow strips already well done from their five minute ride in the microwave.  I know.  I know.  Microwaves are probably not all that commonplace over here and no one taught her how to use the defrost button.  Or better yet, why not just keep some fresh beef on hand?  I mean, I paid almost four bucks for this stuff.  That’s over three times the going rate for street food!!  Maybe it’s the fries that jack the price up to astronomical proportions.  Who knows.

Wuite as I suspected, the meat was tough and hard to chew.  I picture some decrepit water buffalo walking its ancient, sinewy self thousands of miles through rice paddies before meeting its demise on the butcher block.  It sure did give my jaw a workout.  Does this count as a negative calorie food since I expended so much energy to pare it down to a proper digestion-compatible form?

The onions and peppers were fine as was the sauce.  Actually if I could get the recipe for this spicy garlic infused liquid, I’d make it all the time.  I passed on the fries though.  I just don’t have any attraction to that sort of food anymore.  My tastes have definitely evolved, and I shudder to think one day I just might further evolve to enjoy some of the fatty, skin on chunks of meat.  For now I will just stick to benign things that shake in a wok.

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