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Mì Thái Xào Pad Thai – 345 of 365

Thinking back to all my trips to Thailand, I can’t say that I ever had pad Thai in its native habitat.  I’ve had it coast to coast in the US of course and have even attempted to make it at home from a boxed mix and some frozen chicken breasts.  The sauce in my prefab version […]

Ép Cóc Ambarella Juice – 344.5 of 365

This fruit juice was more snack than meal and as such warrants only a spot in between regular food finds.  So why don’t we just call it 344.5 of 365?  Why even bother including it then you surely must be asking by now.  Well, this being Vietnam, naturally even something as simple as ordering a […]

Bánh Cuốn Nóng Rice Batter Pancakes – 344 of 365

A coworker asked me if I had yet tried bánh cuốn from the street.  I said I had not had any of this northern specialty from the street but had sampled some on board the plane and at a hotel.  A seriously sad look washed over her face as she proceeded to tell me these […]

Gà Chiên Mật Ong Honey Wings – 343 of 365

A friend and I wanted to veer a little bit off the beaten path in terms of food so we ordered frog legs stir fried in coconut milk.  Unfortunately, the waitress returned ten minutes later to explain, “cannot!”  Man, I just wanted my exotic food on this rare occasion I was feeling adventurous.  And it took her that […]

Bò Xào Hành Sa Tế Satay Beef And Onion – 342 of 365

Sometimes after a long day of flying a guy just wants to kick it at home without venturing back out, especially when the alarm clock is set for o’dark thirty the next morning.   And sometimes a guy just wants to kick it without even venturing 20 feet to the kitchen to prepare even the simplest spaghetti meal.  […]

Bếp Chay Thanh Nhẹ Deep Fried Cassava Pastry – 341 of 365

Bếp Chay Thanh Nhẹ I keep telling myself these grease soaked batter balls have got to be better than a breakfast combo at McDonald’s.  I mean, how bad can a handful of fried dough pieces be?  Well, judging by the lard grease slick in the plastic bag, I shudder to think what sort of hit […]

Bò Sốt Cay Hong Kong Spicy Beef – 340 of 365

The game plan was simple.  I’d undertake one of my long megawalks and search out the latest and greatest in street food.  I’d then drop a pin in a Google map on my Iphone and send the location to a friend who’d then meet me.  Well, even the best laid plans sometimes go awry, and […]

Há Cảo Chinese Dumplings – 339 of 365

The lettering on the modified motorbike turned food cart invited the hungry to a breakfast of há cảo.  Having no idea what these two simple monosyllabic words meant, I walked right up and took my place amongst a small crowd jockeying for position.  I figured if people were this anxious to grab a taste, this must be […]

Mì Quảng Quang Noodle Soup – 338 of 365

Yes, we’ve stopped along the way already to sample this broth and noodle dish popularly known as mì Quảng.  One at Binh Thanh Market was passable; another attempt from a restaurant in town was truly deplorable.  Much like my quest for bun cha, finding the perfect bowl of mì Quảng in Saigon has been quite […]

Cơm Ragu Bò Rice and Beef Ragout – 337 of 365

As my time in Vietnam quickly winds down I am realizing how little I’ve actually completed on my to do list the past several years.  Isn’t it always like that living somewhere?  We just say one day we’ll just get around to being a tourist in our own town and then something pesky called life […]