Thịt Heo Bằm Caramalized Minced Pork – 313 of 365

Thịt Heo Bằm

Rain, rain, and then some more rain have really put a literal damper on my long walks through Saigon.  Just when I think things may clear up enough to allow for some exploration, along comes another round of the skies unleashing their fury on us down below.

Of course laziness strikes when the rain falls, and today was just one of those days where I didn’t feel like doing much.  My half-hearted attempt to get out and about didn’t take me far before, yes, you guessed it, rain drove me back indoors.  I sought refuge in a small grocery store to wait out this fury from above.

In the US entire aisles of the grocery store are devoted to the frozen food arts and seemingly anything and everything is stuffed into cardboard boxes adorned with pretty pictures of appetizing entrees.  The reality is a cellophane wrapper covering up factory produced food products frozen rock hard inside a flimsy plastic tray.  One of the best perks of living in Vietnam is the noticeable absence of these food substitutes.  This is the land of the home cooked for sure.

The refrigerator case at Family Mart has about the closest to convenience food as Vietnam comes.  While not frozen, these refrigerated meals for just over a dollar are in theory the same as a much more expensive Lean Cuisine back home.  OK, Lean Cuisine is a bad comparison as this one was about as non-dietetic and calorie laden as a meal comes.

Thịt heo bằm means caramelized minced pork and this sweet and salty mixture came with scrambled eggs and strips of dried seaweed.  OK, it’s a little strange to mix all of this in one spoonful, but I liked it a lot.  Actually this is one I will cook when I am back in the US.  It seems easy enough for an amateur cook like me.  Maybe this is the one time laziness paid off.  I discovered a new food I can actually prepare from scratch right from the steamed rice right down to the eggs.

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