Cua Farci Stuffed Crab – 314 of 365

My search for something new and highly edible paid off on one of my long walks.  A friend of mine tagged along and his stamina crapping out after about the first hour steered us right into an early dinner break.  His tastes run more plain vanilla and eating street food is well outside his box.  So what do you do with someone skittish about street food?  Yes, of course.  You throw him in feet first and hope the food and flavors at District 3’s Tan Dinh Market don’t swallow him whole.

The ubiquitous glass and metal serving cart on wheels holds so many surprises in Vietnam.  A giant pile of crab made me think darn right I am having crab for dinner tonight!  If only stuffed crab were this cheap and easy to find back home.  If I remember correctly, unless it was some anemic piece of junk from Captain D’s fast food, a quality piece doesn’t come all that cheap.  Well, Vietnam to the rescue once again for a wallet friendly meal.

The head guy in charge was duly impressed when I ordered “one crab” in his native tongue and of course everyone around me had to mimic these two monosyllabic words while bobbing their heads up and down.  Oh what little it takes to impress some of the locals.  If only they knew my Vietnamese language prowess really consists of nothing more than being able to feed myself, order a beer, say a few bad words, and tell a taxi driver how to turn left.  The command to turn left still eludes me.

Now being that this is Vietnam, I don’t quite know if we really want to explore what forms that grey soft mush filling the shell.  It tasted quite nice though, so let’s just leave it at that.  Actually I can’t leave this one alone.  I need to take a stab at this and guess that crab guts and fish sauce make an appearance and the yellow layer holding it together might be egg.  Again, I liked this one so I don’t want to ruin it by finding out that what goes in it might just be the sort of crap to normally make me run for the hills.

The stuffing was slightly sweet yet marked by that telltale taste of fish sauce.  Have you eaten meatloaf lately?  That’s how I would best describe the texture.  I could have easily eaten about a dozen of these, but of course proper restraint ruled this dinner.

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