Fried Bread – 317 of 365

Fried Bread?

Believe it or not, these two pieces of bread did constitute the bulk of a meal.  What sort of meal it was, I am still trying to figure out.  At the airport in Dalat I had asked the ground crew to bring me some fruit from the passenger buffet, and nice slices of mango, unripe guava and watermelon arrived.

I was after the dietetic lunch after a hugely fattening bowl of bun thit nuong that filled my belly before I left for the airport.  Fruit seemed the perfect dietary detox as my body tried in vain to burn off breakfast’s fat and carbs.  What I didn’t expect with the box of fruit was some sort of pastry product no one could seem to identify.

Biting into what appeared to be chocolate covered croissants told me instantly these were neither croissants or chocolate laced.  No, these were definitely more of a regular roll deep fried in a vat of oil.  I kid you not…these pieces of bread truly taste like they received a dunk in the deep fryer.  That telltale slime washed all over my mouth much the same as from a McDonalds hashbrown.  I tapped on the hard outer shell and wondered if that was some sort of batter dip.  A few good chews told me that crunchiness probably was likely the actual outer shell just transformed by the magic only hot lard can produce.

Maybe this bread isn’t deep fried at all.  Perhaps that outer crunch really is some sort of coating that has hardened into a shell.  Based on my scientific probings though and the grease all over my fingers, I am going to stick with my original hypothesis though.  This bread product even had that telltale fried taste and what I detected as faintly reminiscent of a Taco Bell bean burrito of all things.

The cockpit trashbag ended up eating an unexpected lunch.  I just didn’t want to ingest something that may have spawned in artery clogging grease.  And besides, if the Vietnamese can’t even identify this, I sure as hell am not tossing it down the hatch.

Maybe a Vietnamese dude is somewhere deep in Iowa at the state fair sampling a deep fried Twinkie or Snickers and wondering what the heck are Americans thinking.  Probably much like I am wondering if someone actually had the balls to deep fry a piece of bread.

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