Nui Xào Macaroni Stir Fry – 316 of 365

Nui Xào

I don’t want to hear another word ever again about how fatty some American breakfasts are.  I think an Egg McMuffin probably exudes more health than my latest street food find.  A mobile cooking/dispensing/restaurant unit parked next to a mildewed wall near my apartment was drawing a steady crowd.

The choices were ramen or macaroni noodles that then took a quick swirl in a frying pan along with a chili pepper infused fish sauce concoction.  Already we have mega doses of sodium and grease.  But wait, this one is far from done.  After the woman slides the macaroni and small handful of oily vegetables into the awaiting Styrofoam container, she gets busy preparing the topping.

She cuts a grease soaked springroll into bite size pieces and layers these on top.  Then what I believe to be fried fish skin makes an appearance along with a deep fried wonton.  Fried onions cause hearts to groan even further with this infusion of artery clogging goodness.  These are the same fried onions busting waistlines back home in that infamous green bean casserole.  I think I felt my heart skip a few beats when a handful of peanuts strewn across all the brown fried goodies rounded out this one.

Macaroni Stand

A tiny rubber band tied bag of the fish sauce mix goes home with this takeaway dietary nightmare.  They say anything in moderation is ok.  I do believe this one clocks in several steps beyond any modicum of moderation anyone might strive to maintain.  I tried a few bites just to say I’ve had it, and immediately I swear my body ballooned up from all the salt.

Unfortunately, I can’t really say I enjoyed this nui xào.  Fried foods that have sat around hold little appeal to me as they become soggy and that crisp outer layer begins to disintegrate into mush.  Why even bother eating something so bad for the body if it is not at its peak of freshness and taste?

When I return to the US soon I am going to eat that Egg McMuffin at McDonalds and feel zero guilt now.  I think this breakfast in a box takes the cake in the list of do not eat if on a diet.

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