Lạp Xưởng Sweet Sausage – 319 of 365

Lạp Xưởng

A no name street food joint located at the head of an alley near 35 Ngo Tat To Street in the Binh Thanh District screams authenticity and after months of walking past it, I decided to finally take a bite.  The guy tending the grill has motioned me inward countless times to no avail, yet tonight the time seemed right.  All I can say to him is be careful what you wish for because he seemed genuinely shocked I plopped myself down on one of the tiny ankle high stools.  The thing groaned under my weight, and I could see the look on everyone’s faces as they wondered if this thing would collapse into plastic shrapnel.  I’ve collapsed several before, and I am sure I manage to again.

Some plump sausage links in the glass serving cart seemed like run of the mill kielbasa links, albeit with a most strange red hue.  Actually this red is as if someone shot the things up with the darkest of food colors, and naturally something so unnatural is going to draw my attention.  Now when ordering sausage, wouldn’t one just expect a whole link to arrive on the plate?  Well of course this being Vietnam, this crimson fatty was cut at the serving cart with a pair of scissors that have been who knows where.  Oh well, my standards are about nil now anyhow so I didn’t think much of it.

Sidewalk Dining Saigon Style

Soft like a hot dog this lạp xưởng is not.  Have you ever bitten into one of those Slim Jim beef jerky things that comes in the plastic sleeve?  You know how they have that tough chewy texture and dried out inside type texture?  Well, this is a close cousin.  The taste, however, is in a class of its own.  It actually reminded me of those cinnamon Twizzlers at the movie theater.  A slight licorice aftertaste on top of that bathed my tongue in weirdness that made me unsure if I even liked this one or not.

I don’t even want to think about how much fat is in one of these puppies or from which part of the animal came this fatty.  If you think salami is a greasy piece of fat, please give this one a wide berth.  Arteries clinch up around this one as it decomposes inside the body and clogs everything up.  Imagine the greasy slide its aftermath is making inside people all across Saigon.  The salty fish sauce dip even had some sort of oily consistency I have never before seen.

At least my curiosity has been sated as to what these sausages all over town taste like.  I might eat them again but only with utmost moderation.  I care about my body too much to suck down this much grease and salt.

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