Sữa Chua Mít Yoghurt and Sweet Things – 320 of 365

sữa chua mít

Everything in this one is good when taken alone…yoghurt, tapioca pearls, sliced jackfruit, colorful little squares like a dense Jell-O.  But toss it all together with shaved ice and the tastes and textures go a bit haywire.  Sữa chua mít is a mosaic of weirdness in a glass bowl.  The name literally means milk sour meeting.  Why yes…this one is the meeting of a bunch of random crap in a pile of sour liquid.

And this one begs the question of would you toss shaved ice in a cup of yoghurt?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  I wouldn’t normally either.  So why do they add it here?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to just keep the ingredients properly chilled in the first place?  The rapidly melting ice dilutes the yoghurt’s texture in a funky, runny way.

Yes, I know.  Out on the street fancy cooling devices just do not exist though such modern accoutrement would be especially nice during a Hanoi summer when everything simmers and bakes into salmonella laced oblivion.  I guess I should applaud an indoor place that tries to stay true to its street food roots by using the ice rather than modern technology.  But I do suspect I will of course need to take to the streets to find the real deal, though in winter when cooler air hopefully keeps the nasties at bay.

While picking at some black centered greenish blobs adhering tenaciously to the ice mound, a young girl walked up to me and told me, “sữa chua mít make happy burp.”  I am quite sure I heard correctly and can only wonder if somehow her message went horribly awry in translation.  Is there an official list of happy burp approved foods posted somewhere?  Offending the masses in the remote chance some food is not on the official happy burp list would be an egregious mistake.

The shocked look on my face must have scared burp girl because she began giggling while covering her mouth with both hands.  Before leaving as quickly as she had appeared, she wished me, “many happy burping.”  Perhaps she meant bon appetit.  I don’t know.  I can’t figure out things happening around me half the time anyhow.

This icy yoghurt concoction is ok but nothing to write home about.  I fully expect if I were to find a sidewalk joint under a rundown tent down some alley in deepest Hanoi, a proper flavor overload would consume me.  There we go.  Now I have a project.  A sữa chua mít in its native habitat next time I am wandering around Hanoi is my goal.

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