Quail Eggs and Sausage Balls – 321 of 365

Sausage Balls and Quail Eggs

A busy crowd gathering around a couple of women tending to their sidewalk assembly line on District 3’s Pham Ngoc Thach Street near the ugly sculpture rising out of that dirty pond got my attention.  A growing mass of black clouds down the street caught my attention even more though.  This meal became a race against torrential rain from the get go.  As the wind picked up and started scattering trash all about, mama started barking out orders for her charges to get the tarp up.  Have you ever seen young girls barely five feet all trying to string a large tarp over a flame filled cooking area in high winds?  I seriously thought they were going to either sail away if the gusts hit this thing the wrong way or melt it all in one fiery mess.

A young girl plucked tiny quail eggs one by one from a giant box and cracked them into a cast iron pan with triangle shaped indentions.  Actually I must say I am alarmed that they can find this many eggs on a daily basis!  As each cooked up into fluffy triangles, another woman busily assembled the takeaway containers with a layer of peppery green leaves, some sort of round sausage balls, the eggs, a liberal squirt of creamy hot sauce from a plastic bag and then some sweet chili sauce.  A woman carrying five takeaway container to her motorbike called out, “Very good!  You like it!”  I was encouraged as I stabbed a soft sausage ball with a toothpick.

Sidewalk Assembly Line

As I took my first bite of the savory meat, the rain squall hit and sent me under that tarp for cover.  Of course my right leg was precariously balanced about two feet from a hot flame and one wrong move my shin would be toast.  Even as wave after wave of torrential rain blew into the tarp, everyone went about their business as if this is a normal thing.  By now my backside was soaked from errant raindrops that did not seem to know the tarp was intended to keep them out.

A sudden gust picked up my container only to send it flying towards mama.  The whole package hit the ground at her feet in an explosion of food particles and sauce.  She just laughed and laughed at my clumsiness, and I had nowhere to flee.   All I was left holding was an egg triangle dangling precariously from the toothpick.  This isn’t like America either where if you drop the food, a kind restaurant employee will usually replace it for free, not that I was expecting that it all though.  In a way this was probably the diet gods telling me to go easy on heart clogging fried eggs and sausage.  At least I got a few small bites in before disaster struck.  That was enough to tell me this one indeed tastes very good.

And as a side note here, I asked four people to identify this food and all four said they did know a proper name.  One even said, “We eat many things we do not know the name.”  Let’s just call this one sausage balls and egg then.  I need some sort of name for things I eat.

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One Comment on “Quail Eggs and Sausage Balls – 321 of 365”

  1. October 12, 2012 at 4:31 pm #

    Quail Eggs and Sausage Balls! Two of my favorite munchies combined. Great stuff dude!

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