Gà Xào Sả Ớt Lemongrass Chicken – 330 of 365

Gà Xào Sả Ớt

The Pleiku airport has nourished me more times than I can count with containers of stir fried noodles and fried rice with a greasy sunny side up egg.  By now you’ve probably figured out most eggs generally make a one way trip from my plate to the trash can.  I so carefully remove that sunny side egg lest its juicy yolk burst all that runny nastiness on my rice.

After explaining to my cabin crew I was on the hunt for something a little lower carb and non-egg than the usual suspects, I could see the wheels spinning in their heads.  How can someone even think of eschewing this natural treasure commonly called rice?  They helpfully suggested that chicken would be good and promptly placed my order.  So now I’m thinking the customer buffet has had stuff other than rice and noodles all along, and no one ever bothered to tell me?  Oh hell no.

Against my better judgment I told them yes, of course, bring on the bird but minus the rice.  Again they were totally mystified I would eat chicken with no rice and reminded me these white grains are good for health and must be eaten with chicken.  This is after all the same country where the doctor giving me my flight physical told me I must eat more rice.  How they can tell that from a sonogram is beyond me but let’s get back on track here to Pleiku.

They had promised chicken, no rice, and I even heard my wishes conveyed in Vietnamese.  Of course when my food arrived at the plane, enough rice to feed a family of five made its way into my hands. Troi oi! Low carb in Vietnam just is not a concept I suppose, and a meal without rice is no meal at all.  Starvation was imminent for me at this point, and hunger does induce some weird behavior.  In my case here, I gave a full on assault on that the very same chicken I would normally mock.

Yes, I nibbled carefully around all the unpalatable parts and ended up with maybe two tablespoons of carefully culled meat. What little I ate was actually quite decent.  Wonders will never cease…I ate Vietnamese chicken after only waiting a few years for this small miracle to happen.

The chicken had been stir fried with lemongrass and chili peppers.  Had this been America, no doubt we would have used nice fillets of boneless, skinless, all white meat chicken breast. Now this being Vietnam, I can only imagine the racket as these bony bits banged around the wok.  Besides that, I could not even have begun to identify which part of the bird I had consumed.

Left behind were over a pound of rice and a trail of bird shrapnel.  I maintained my low carb mission and actually ate some of the chicken.  I even was able to string together some of my rudimentary vocabulary to identify this one as gà xào sả ớt.  Now how’s that for success?

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