Taro Milk Tea – 334 of 365

Taro Milk Tea

Let’s not even kid ourselves and try to pretend this one is any sort of meal substitute.  It’s delicious sin in a cup, and I am still trying to convince myself this was a proper breakfast.  People back home drink SlimFast liquid shakes so perhaps we can loosely call this a meal.  Let’s just call this one a LardassFast and call it a day.  Since it is one of the best drinks I have ever found in Vietnam, it is a most worthy stop along this food journey.

My slippery slide into the deep depths of this sugary bliss all started with a free sample in front of Agantea in Vincom Center last week.  Who could possibly turn down the chance to sample something all purple and frothy?  One shot of this stuff is all it took, and now I am completely hooked.   Even after several return visits, I still grab the free samples before ordering just to get that extra hit.

This taro milk tea probably is laden with enough calories to satisfy breakfast, lunch and dinner for the average person.  Actually, you know what?  Throw in a 4pm tea and scone service for good measure.  This drink really is that rich.

After three times of saddling up to this sugar rodeo, I decided to outsmart my diet by ordering the drink with only half sugar.  The menu choices range from zero to full.  Half tastes exactly like 80% and full, so I am convinced the ability to choose is really just found on paper.  A full inch of tiny sugary gummibear like cubes settled on the bottom of the cup, and the oversize straw is the perfect vessel with which to greedily vacuum them all up.

Obviously I Liked It

I even availed myself of the option for no ice.  Who needs all that watery filler taking the place of what we are all after…that creamy, smooth, sickeningly sweet purple nectar.  This time I even splurged the extra 25 cents for a large.  Troi oi to the highest degree!  No, that doesn’t even describe how much I like this one.  We need to borrow from the Hanoians and make this one an “oi zoi oi la za oi!” on steroids.

If in a month you find me all fat and bloated, this would full on be the culprit.  I may have to check myself into a detox clinic before my departure since I don’t know if I can handle not finding this one in America.  Do they have the equivalent of a Betty Ford rehab clinic here?  Perhaps a Betty Nguyen where I can come down off this amazing sugar high is just what I need.

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