Trái Cây Thập Cẩm Mixed Fruit With Syrup – 333 of 365

Trái Cây Thập Cẩm

Wow, something other than noodles and rice!  Not that I am complaining about these starchy staples of Vietnamese cuisine from one end of the country to the other.  Not at all.  Sometimes I do like to mix it up for variety and check out life beyond the same ole same ole.   And for less than a buck fifty who can complain at all about a nice bowl of fresh fruit?

Yes, I know you are scratching your head wondering how in the world with so few meals so go I can choose fruit for lunch when so many strange foods still lurk in Saigon’s hidden recesses.  Well, this one is easy to explain for this bowl of goodness was anything but a fruit salad we’d ever find in the west.

Thinking I was ever so smart in ordering something healthy, I was truly shocked when I saw that Vietnam can somehow manage to negate any and all benefits of fruit with one ladle of syrupy sticky sweetness.  Yes, is one had a liquid sugar rush tasting much like a thickened cherry Kool-Aid.  Not that I am complaining about this either for I am never one to turn away diabetes inducing treats.

As if the syrup weren’t strange enough, the question begs to be asked…why ice cubes tossed all over the apple, unripe sour guava, amazing pineapple, water melon, rambutan, and dragonfruit?  I always thought fruit was just something to eat at room temperature.  The Vietnamese say the unripe guava is good for an upset stomach.  Well good.  Let me nibble on that sour crunchy stuff first just in case the ice was of dubious origin like the lone shriveled strawberry appeared to be.

The watermelon tasted like any red juicy orb found back home, and of course this had to be the fruit causing me to stick out like a sore thumb.  Some random woman got all upset I was spitting out the seeds into a napkin.  I don’t know about you, but my mom put the fear of God in me when I was a kid.  Her warning remains front and center in my head…do eat the seeds otherwise a watermelon would grow inside me.  I sure don’t need a watermelon vine shooting out of every orifice so I choose to spit out the seeds.  I suppose they are food not to be wasted over here based on her reaction.

I gave the malodorous strange dip of salt, dried chili, and what I swore was ground dried fish a very wide berth.  Mixing this with that over the top sweet syrup just goes against my concept of good taste.  One thing is for sure though. The fresh fruit in Vietnam cannot be beat.  It’s cheap, picked at the height of perfection, and the variety is never ending.  Evidently the ways it can be served are never ending as well.

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