Bếp Chay Thanh Nhẹ Deep Fried Cassava Pastry – 341 of 365

Bếp Chay Thanh Nhẹ

I keep telling myself these grease soaked batter balls have got to be better than a breakfast combo at McDonald’s.  I mean, how bad can a handful of fried dough pieces be?  Well, judging by the lard grease slick in the plastic bag, I shudder to think what sort of hit job these are doing to my insides.  I justified it by saying that all of these together were still smaller than two hashbrowns at Micky D’s.  And besides, I didn’t finish the whole portion.  I just kept repeating the mantra that anything in moderation is good for me.

This diet angst all began with a simple stroll past a random woman with a random pushcart who had set up shop in the market street behind my apartment.  A giant batter filled paint bucket clung precariously to the side of her mobile cooking unit, and I thought to myself oh how sanitary this truly is.  Luckily living in Vietnam eradicates any sense of cleanliness we may have imported from our western lands so I dove right in without a care in the world except for how this would taste.

The choices were some sort of French fry looking things or these hot batter balls.  Now I have eaten this same treat in the US where they cost me an eye popping $1 for five ridiculously tiny pieces.  Over here fifty cents bought a portion large enough to give the nearest fat farm a run for its money.

Street Vendor

I really liked this fried, oh so bad for me breakfast.  Funny thing is when I told a Vietnamese friend about these spicy things, her immediate response was none other than, “Oh!  Good for health.  You lucky to eat.”  Yes, now I know for sure that these seals of good for health are nothing more than three English words strung together and just uttered for reasons unknown to me.

The batter of grated cassava, red chili pepper flakes and curry powder was perfectly crunchy like the outer edges of a hush puppy and are perfectly paired with sweet chili sauce.  I know my addition of the sauce is most likely the utmost in food blasphemy over here, but if I am going to risk my health, I am going to have it all go down my way.

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