Bò Xào Hành Sa Tế Satay Beef And Onion – 342 of 365

Bò Xào Hành Sa Tế

Sometimes after a long day of flying a guy just wants to kick it at home without venturing back out, especially when the alarm clock is set for o’dark thirty the next morning.   And sometimes a guy just wants to kick it without even venturing 20 feet to the kitchen to prepare even the simplest spaghetti meal.  Yes, I do live such a truly gourmet life at home of pasta and cereal.

Delivery food is one of the best inventions known to us lazy folk, and I got out my stack of menus.   Oh where to even begin.  Pizza, western, Asian, Vietnamese?  And most important of all, how long will this mess take to meander its way from the store to my door?  Don’t you love the logic here?  I will wait 30 minutes laying on the sofa for delivery to arrive yet was feeling too lazy to walk my butt into the kitchen to boil some noodles that would be feeding me much more quickly.

I settled on a three buck order of exotic sounding bò xào hành sa tế which is nothing more  unsual than sautéed beef with onions in satay sauce.  What would $3 in America buy off a delivery menu?   An order of fatty egg rolls perhaps?  Maybe a small bowl of salt laden hot and sour soup if we are lucky?   Three George Washingtons over here is about triple the cost of a meal at Café 91 and doesn’t even include 91’s rice, soup, vegetable and banana that come with the entrée.  But hey, it’s all about convenience and perfecting the art of being a couch potato, right?

Is satay is a nice way of saying salt, salt, and more salt?   I am not a huge fan of salt and by now you have figured out most recipes here bubble up in the wok after a copious infusion of salty fish and soy sauces.   I am surprised people here don’t retain water and swell up like some Vietnamese version of the Michelin man gone horribly wrong.  Then again Saigon is a steam bath so maybe we just sweat all that foolishness out.  All I tasted on those tough strips of beef was salt and the onion was not cooked enough to rid it of its eye watering properties.  My mouth just ached from it all.

I got to thinking.  Why not just shove a salt lick up into that not so polite anatomical place?  This would be quite a bit more efficient in getting that process of swelling up like a water balloon overwith.  I drank a liter of water and could feel my cells just sucking it all in.  I swear if I bounced up and down, I could hear all that water sloshing around in me.

It’s my own fault really.  I was too lazy to cook or get out and now it all came home to roost in the form of salt induced blah.  Troi oi!  Back to the streets I go for some real food in its proper native habitat rather than from a container leaking sticky crap all over my coffee table.

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