Cuốn Diếp Lettuce Rolls with Prawn and Pork – 346 of 365

Cuốn Diếp

These are about as close to dietetic as a rolled up food comes.   They are also about as tasteless as a food can be.  The sauce is where the flavor’s at, but of course being made of peanuts, it gave me great pause. Try as I might, I just couldn’t help but wonder what all that fatty richness of the peanuts was about to do to my diet I so carefully try to maintain.

That’s ok though; these came midway through a three hour evening walk through Saigon.  I figured this semi-rabbit food would be long gone by the time I arrived back home.  Actually, come to think of it, my stomach was growling about thirty minutes after eating four of these things.  So much for a filling meal…

The mustard leaves met my mouth with a slight bite, but the very neutral rice vermicelli noodles negated most any of the greenery’s flavor.  The small, small, small pieces of sliced prawn and pork were barely enough to register tastewise, and I smeared the entire wrap around the peanut sauce in hopes of some taste.

These weren’t bad at all.  I am glad I tried a food I had never before sampled.  I just don’t think I’d order them again when other more filling and satisfying rolls abound.  Well, let me modify that.  I don’t think I am about to regularly suck down an entire plate of delicious fried spring rolls dipped in a salty fish sauce based concoction either, but some fresh wraps made of rice paper sure would hit the spot right about now.

So back to the streets I go to find a new wrap I have yet to discover.

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